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Let yourself be enchanted by the authentic atmosphere, the delicious specialities and maybe a glass of good Spanish wine from our extensive wine list.


Aceitunas negras, verdes o mixta
3,00 €

Black, green, mixed olives or stuffed with pepper

Aceitunas rellenas de guindilla
3,50 €

Olives stuffed with pepper

Tarta de verdura
3,20 €

Vegetal tarte

Manchego cheese
4,80 €

Spanish manchego-cheese

Ensalada de ave con alcachofas
3,50 €

Turkey salad with artichokes

Albóndigas con salsa de tomate
6,00 €

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Pollo al curry
5,00 €

Chicken in curry sauce

Pollo y gambas
5,50 €

Chicken with shrimps

Pollo a la miel
5,00 €

Chicken in honey sauce with pine nuts

Cordero al anis o “diablo” picante
6,00 €

Lamb with Andalusian spice or with chili and pepper

Albondigas de carne en salsa de setas
6,00 €

Meatballs in mushroom sauce

Ensaladilla rusa
3,50 €

Spanish potato salad with tuna fish and vegetables

Porción de tortilla
3,20 €

Traditional spanish omelette

Pimientos de Padrón
6,00 €

Little green pepper

Champiñones al ajillo
4,50 €

Mushrooms with garlic, olive oil and chili

Garbanzos en salsa picante con almendras
4,50 €

Chick peas in almond sauce- little bit spicy

Rollitos de berenjena con queso de oveja
6,00 €

Eggplant rolls stuffed with sheep cheese

Ensalada de queso
5,00 €

Cheese salad

Champiñon con espinacas y queso
5,50 €

White mushroom with spinach and cheese

Pimiento relleno con queso de hierbas
6,00 €

Bell pepper filled with herbal cheese

Estofado de carne
5,50 €

Beef with vegetables and mushrooms

Tapas with fish

Boquerones en vinagre
3,90 €

Sour marinated anchovies

Boquerones fritos
6,00 €

Deep fried anchovies

Pulpitos en salsa picante
5,50 €

Baby octopus in hot spicy sauce

Salpicón de pulpo
5,00 €

Octopus salad

Calamares a la romana
5,80 €

Deep fried squid

Gambas en salsa rosa y rúcula
5,00 €

Shrimps in cocktail sauce, rocket and dill

Empanadillas de atún
4,00 €

Tuna fish-pasty

Camarones cubirtos con patatas
4,50 €

Prawns wrapped with potatoes

Gambas al ajillo
9,90 €

Prawns in hot garlic oil

Buñuelos de pescado
4,50 €

Fish balls

Mejillones en salsa de tomates picantes
4,50 €

Mussels in spicy tomato sauce

Tapas speciality

Chistorra a la parrilla
5,70 €

Little spanish grilled sausages

Pinchitos morunos
8,50 €

Two skewers with chicken and beef in spicy sauce

Dátiles en tocino
6,50 €

Dates wrapped with bacon

5,00 €

Little fried squid

Croquetas de pollo, de espinacas o jamón
3,80 €

Croquettes with chicken, spinach or ham

Papas con corteza de sal
5,00 €

Mini potatoes with salt and dip

Rollitos de carne en tocino con salvia
5,50 €

Rolls of minced meat wrapped with bacon and sage

Queso frito con mojo canario
6,90 €

Fried goat cheese with dip

Buñuelos de queso
3,80 €

Cheese balls

Higado de pollo en nata de jeréz
4,00 €

Chicken liver in sherry cream

Variation of tapas - minimum 2 persons

Tapas variadas
per person 14,00 €

Different tapas:
Serrano-ham, salami, cheese, dates wrapped with bacon, croquettes, daily tapa and olives

Tapas mixtas de pescado
per person 15,00 €

Different tapas with fish and seafood:
Fish balls, seafood salad, filet of fish, king prawns wrapped with potato and daily fish tapas

Ham and sausage

Jamón consorcio serrano reserva
8,50 €

Serrano-ham, matured 18 month

Jamón ibérico de cebo
14,50 €

Iberico-ham from black pig, matured 22 month

Jamón ibérico de bellota
21,00 €

Bellota-ham from black pig which eats only chestnuts, matured 36 month

Trío de jamón serrano, ibérico e ibérico de bellota
23,00 €

Trio of ham serrano, ibérico and ibérico bellota

Plato ibérico
18,00 €

Mixed ham and sausage specialities from iberian pig


Ensalada mixta con mojo andaluz
6,90 €

Mixed salad with orange dressing
by choice with:

Grilled chicken breast
12,90 €
King prawns
14,90 €



Sopa de patatas y puerro con jamón
6,50 €

Soup of potatoes and leek with ham


Queso de cabra gratinado con jamón serrano, higos y ensalada pequeña
11,00 €

Goat´s cheese coated with serrano ham, figs and small salad

Tartar de carne de vacuno con pan de centeno y chutney de pepinos de mostaza
14,00 €

Beef tartar of Pommerania-beef classic with rye bread and chutney of mustard cucumbers

Pan Las Olas
2,00 €

Garlic bread

Porcíon de almendras con sal
2,00 €

Portion of salty almonds

Main dish


Filete de salmón con mantequilla de alcaparas y naranjas, pu´re de patatas
18,00 €

Filet of salmon with caper-orange butter, artichoke vegetable and mashed potaroes

Dorada a la plancha con verdura
22,50 €

Whole gitlhead with colorful vegetable


Out of the oven

Pierna de cordero guisado de mostaza y miel con ragú de judías y patatas
18,50 €

Leg of lamb braised with mustard and honey, ragout of beans and potatoes

Asado de cordero macerado en vinagre con pimiento y cebolla roja, patatas salteadas
18,50 €

Marinated haunch of lamb with bell pepper and onins, further fried potatoes



200g filete de cadera Pommerania – dry aged con mantequilla de hierbas, verdura andaluz y patatas salteadas
22,50 €

Rump steak with herb butter, grilled vegetable and fried potatoes (dry aged Pommerania-beef)

200g bistec de vaca Pommerania – dry aged con salsa de pimientos, judías con peicon y patatas fritas
18,50 €

Pepper steak with bacon beans, French fries and pfepper sauce (dry aged Pommerania-beef)

Paella & fideuá - minimum 2 persons

Paella is the national rice dish of the region around Valencia. The word “paella” comes from catalunia and means big dish or shallow metal bowl. The pan in which the paella is prepared is called “paellera”. It is a big, round and very flat pan with different ingredients and rice. Fideuá is a typical pasta dish in the kitchens around Valencia. It is like paella with rice but instead of rice it is prepared with durum-wheat pasta.

Paella o fideuá marinera
per person 14,90 €

Rice or noodle paella with fish

Paella o fideuá de carne
per person 14,90 €

Rice or noodle paella with meat

Paella o fideuá de pato
per person 14,90 €

Rice or noodle paella with duck meat

Paella o fideuá mixta
per person 14,90 €

Mixed rice or noodle paella with meat and fish

If you like we flavor the fideuá hot and spicy!

Arroz caldoso

The favorite rice dish in a clay pot. It is like a paella served in a pot similar to a stew. Although the arroz caldoso has got its own taste and attraction. If you like we flavor the arroz hot and spicy.

Arroz Caldoso a la marinera
per person 14,90 €

With fish, seafood and vegetables

Arroz Caldoso de carne
per person 14,90 €

With chicken, duck, spanish sausages and vegetables


Crema catalana
5,50 €

Spanish Créme Brulée

Tarta de chocolate y almendras
4,50 €

Spanish chocolate-almond cake with apricot compote

Pudín asado con helado
7,50 €

Fried pudding with cinnamon and sugar and ice cream

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